In-Network Insurance Billing:  

 Starting February 1st, in-network billing will be unavailable as we re-negotiate our contracts with a few key insurance companies. This does not mean we cannot continue providing your care. It just means we will have to bill your insurance as an Out of Network Provider, until our contracts are renewed and in place. We have no clear date when that will be, so please check here regularly for the most current information.

Following re-negotiations, we WILL be IN-Network with the following:

  • Pacific Source

  • United Health Care

  • Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • MODA

  • Motor Vehicle Accident companies

  • Workmen's Compensation companies

Out of Network Insurance Billing:  

If you are seeing us out of network (for example, you have an insurance type we don't contract with), we are happy to help you navigate getting reimbursed by your insurance company. 

Here’s how it works: Each time you are seen at Physio PDX, you pay for services rendered at that time, just like you would for an acupuncture visit, or a massage for example. Then, as a courtesy to you, we directly submit what's called a 'Super Bill' along with your receipt of payment to your insurance company to demonstrate what we did, and that you have paid in full. Based on what kind of plan you have, what you owe on your deductible etc., your insurance company will reimburse you directly for what you have paid, according to your out-of-network benefits coverage. Any claim appeals or disputes over lack of reimbursement are best handled directly by you and your insurance provider.

Determining you insurance Benefits: Click here to view the Insurance Benefits Guidelines Form. 

This form is for your reference only, to help you through the process of learning what exact benefits your specific insurance policy provides for Physical Therapy. We strongly advocate for you to review your insurance plan, and be very familiar with what you are actually paying for in your specific plan.

Cash Pay Services:

For those with a high deductible plans, catastrophic insurance plans, the uninsured, or those hoping to use Heath Savings Accounts, we offer discounted cash pay rates for affordable, full service Physical Therapy, as well as movement couching, personal training, and onsite consulting services. All visits are 1 hour long, but can be shortened to help reduce the cost of your visit. We also offer discounted package rates. If you know you will be coming in more than a couple times, save some money. Your visits never expire. Just let us know what you need! 

Pro-Bono Services:

As stated in our mission, Physio PDX is passionate about service to our community, to the individual patient and to students entering our field. We are working hard on creating connections with other service based organizations and with Pacific University to create an integrated clinic experience that will allow us to teach/supervise students while providing  free physical therapy services to those in greatest need. If you or anyone in your community is in need of evaluation, or treatment for movement related conditions, and are not seeking treatment due to an inability to pay, please call us. We'd love to hear your story, and be part of your recovery process. 

Please understand, we are not insurance experts. We specialize in providing excellent healthcare & education.

However, we aim to help you understand how your healthcare resources are being spent, and operate as transparently as possible.  

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about paying for services.